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Among Winnipeg electrical contractors, only St. Vital Electric brings Real Time Service to its customers – service that’s dependable, reliable, and accountable.

Ever spend the day waiting for the electrician, call the company and be told they’re not sure exactly where your technician might be?
That doesn’t happen with Real Time Service. We can tell, at a glance on our control boards, where your electrician is, whether he’s running late, and whether we need to dispatch another service unit to honor your appointment. We also are able to track parts and speciality tools and equipment, and ensure that a properly equipped unit is sent to you. That cuts down the number of return visits. And it’s unique among Winnipeg electrical contractors.
And when we’re done, we review the job with you, allowing you to confirm the labour and time spent on your job, using our 15-point job approval form. That guarantees a higher level of accountability, from us to you.
How does Real Time Service work?
st-vital-electric-real-time-dispatchWhen you schedule your Electrical work with St. Vital Electric, we enter your work ticket into our dispatch system. We monitor the day’s work, across all of our service trucks, at our control centre throughout the day. When emergencies arise, we can re-assign projects to the technician best suited to the task.


st-vital-electric-real-time-gpsUsing GPS and job tracking technology, we monitor where our units are at all times, monitor when the technician “punches” into your location, and accurately track the labour and materials used on every job. When the job is done, our technician sends the information to our office. If we need more parts, the technician can order the part in real time and reschedule a return appoint before he leaves the job site.



st-vital-electric-real-time-wait-listShould you require specially order materials, or specialty equipment, your job is placed on a real time hold list. It’s a live screen that we always have up and running in our control centre. We review it daily, and reschedule appointments into our dispatch system as soon as the delay is done. We also list upcoming jobs without a firm start date. Call us when you’re ready, and we’ll get it scheduled. With Real Time Service, your job won’t get lost in the shuffle.


What does Real Time Service mean for you?
For our customers, Real Time Service means more accurate arrival times, better response to emergencies, efficient and accurate billing, and a highly accountable system.
It means fewer return trips to finish the job, due to “one missing part” on a truck.
It means your satisfaction, with a guided 15-point job review. Your technician will walk through the services provided, and the parts used, before we finish the service call. That means no surprises on your final invoice.
It means true “city wide service” to your electrical needs. And Real Time Response to emergencies.
Whether it’s a service call or an emergency, it’s a smarter and more responsive service model.
Call us today at 204.256.1175 and put us to the test!